Max Distance Between Air Handler & Condenser
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Max Distance Between Air Handler & Condenser

I am about to remodel my house. The plan is to move the external condenser further from the house. This will leave it about 80 ft from the air handler in the attic.

Is this too far to run the copper pipes?

Thanks in advance.

Asked on Jun 24, 2010Improve / edit this question

1 Answers

Daniel Snyder   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L2)   367 answers   +915 votes
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It depends on the manufacturer's specifications, but 80 feet is actually the cutoff for long line applications. You can move the condenser a large distance from the evaporator coil, but you may need to increase the size of the tubing.  The other concern is the oil in the lines.  In some cases where the evaporator is above the condenser and there is a long run, the oil in the lines may not be able to fully return to the compressor, especially if there is a low spot which is similar to a trap in a drain line. The tubing run should be as straight as possible with the least number of bends. Try to get the specifications and installation manual for your unit to determine the tubing sizes and distances.  Usually you would only have to increase the high and low side up to the next size, but you have to comfirm this. Also remember that the refrigeration charge (volume) will be higher.

This document may help. 

Posted on Jun 25, 2010

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