How to Clean an Air Conditioning Coil
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How to Clean an Air Conditioning Coil

How a homeowner can clean the inside air conditioning coil.

A dirty air conditioning coil can cause your air conditioning system to run longer and work harder. In extreme cases condensation from the coil can drip from the dirt that has built up on the coil onto the floor causing water damage and mold. Most homeowners can clean the inside units air conditioning coil without calling a professional.

Turn the power to the air conditioning system off at the circuit breaker. Look for one that is marker furnace or air handler. To verify that the air conditioning unit is off go to the thermostat and turn the system on.

Open the panel of the air handler by removing the screws and any tape. Once the panels have been removed you should see the evaporator coil and some electrical parts. Use a vacuum to clean the walls of the air conditioning cabinet.

At the bottom of the air conditioning coil you should see a drip pan. Pour water into the pan to verify that no blockage exists in the condensate drain line. Water should flow freely out of the pan and down the condensate drain line. One easy way to clean the condensate drain line is to hook a wet/dry vacuum to the condensate drain line outside of the home. This will suck the sludge that out.

Use an aerosol air conditioning coil cleaner for routine maintenance. These can be found at any home improvement store. Just spray the air conditioning coil on the front and back with this product. Let it set for a few minutes and rinse it off with water. Continue to do this until the can has emptied.

For a very dirty air conditioning coil use a liquid concentrate. This type of coil cleaner can be found at a home improvement store or a supply house.  Mix the liquid coil cleaner as directed on the jug. Usually it will be a 50/50 mix with water. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the intake side of the air conditioning coil first. The mixture will foam. Rinse the coil with water. Do this again to the top side. You will notice the foam pushing dirt through the coil.

Using a stiff bristle brush clean the intake side of the air conditioning coil. Start at the top and work with the blades. Do not go against the grain as that will damage the thin metal blades. Use extreme care when doing this. The blades are very sharp. Complete the coil cleaning with a final water rinse. Reinstall the air conditioning unit panels. Turn your air conditioning system back on.

While doing this project wear all safety equipment. Always put on safety goggles and disposable gloves.

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